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Hello my name is Yoseph Wijaya Savianto, a human who love to share everything for unique and original people, to know more about me you can add and drop me chat on whatsapp.

I am just very pure normal developer guy who love to code and hug. Short stories currently working on some projects on-site in Japan company that required me to give most of the time to the projects.

Share with me your dream apps if you like by message me on contact tabs for quick and serious responds. Hopefully I can give you solution how to start it or maybe make it together.

Bless you, Yoseph Wijaya Savianto.

Life Quote

“I never lose. I either win or learn.”

Nelson Mandela.

Be Resilient, don’t lose to bugs, errors, etc.
Be thankful because if you found it,
that will make you learn more and gain great experience.

Take your time to solve it because hard work would never betray you
Happy Coding!!!


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Yoseph Wijaya Savianto
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